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Experienced GOspel Music Instructor "Unveils"
The cutting edge mindset "TOP LEVEL" Church musicians Use to Level up their playing everyday...
If you're just want to learn some "quick fix" gospel ideas, 
and DON'T even care about the thought process behind...

Why they work. 

How they were created.

Or how the concepts used to create these "sick gospel moves" apply to other musical scenarios.

Please stop reading now.

Just go to YouTube, and watch a bunch of random videos where they: 

Play too fast...

Confuse the mess outta you...

And don't teach you the high level thinking responsible for those "crazy chords" and ideas...
Vaughn Brathwaite
Helps people make PERMANENT transformations in 
their playing
But if you've always wondered what the pros are thinking about when they play...

And you're willing to take the time to learn their "secret" ways...

Keep reading, because this letter is the answer you've been searching for.

It'll show you how to...
Become a highly skilled, Creative And
versatile gospel musician, that easily handles ANYTHING a church service throws at you
Back in the day I dreamt EVERYDAY about being the musician for my church.

Seeing musicians at my church playing made me want to learn gospel piano.

But because I was a beginner, I thought I'd never reach my goal. 

It seemed so out of reach, and I felt like I would NEVER catch up.

What made things even more frustrating was that I could hear great music ideas in my head. 

But I couldn’t play them!

When I‘d ask church musicians to show me how to play like they did...

They would just ignore me. 

And the nicer ones would just give me some generic answer like...

“Just Keep Shedding”

I spent lots of time searching for answers, but all I was getting was scraps...

Luckily one day I heard this quote:
Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head!

I realized that I could only survive on being "given fish” (copying musicians) for a short time.

Sooner or later I had to learn how to fish for myself.

So what is "fishing for yourself"?

It can be summed up like this:
“If You Can THink Like a Pro, 
you Can PLay like A Pro”
That's the missing link.

That's what ALL those other DVD’s and YouTube videos failed to teach me.

They didn't teach the mindset of skilled gospel musicians.

But that’s the most important thing!

Think about it…

*** If your life was on the line and you needed to get heart surgery, would YOU feel safe letting someone operate on you who “copied” what they saw on a few surgery videos on YouTube ? ***


Would you prefer someone who completely understands the “ins & outs” of the human body, understands your specific condition, and has gotten the level of training necessary to perform a successful surgery?

The choice should be obvious...

But the same goes with learning and playing music at a pro level.

You must think like the pros, to play like them.
Once you come to grips with this fact, your musical journey will be more fulfilling and making progress becomes A LOT easier!

After I discovered this “mindset shift” I tinkered with it for a few weeks.

Soon I was able to play the same jaw-dropping chords and movements I saw other musicians play.

And once you train your mind to think like a pro gospel musician you'll...
 Play chords that Turn People's Heads, 
And ideas WIll flow OUt of You...
YOU'll Play with more "swagger" & confidence
After learning this I felt obligated to help other musicians who wanted to play better, but didn’t understand.

After all, when I needed help, no one really wanted to help me, so I felt it was only right to pay it forward.

I started giving private lessons to friends at first but then my clientele grew SO big I had to stop taking on students.

My clients used to pay me up to $200 a lesson back then, because they wanted to make sure they could secure a lesson and learn the system I created.

And even though the money was great, it took up so much of my time that I started to not enjoy having to teach the same thing for 15 hours everyday.

So I stopped giving lessons.

But then people started asking me if there was a course that taught what I was teaching, and that sparked an idea..

What if i created a resource rich database of gospel music courses that could teach what I learned in a systematic way, to a TON more people who needed the information, and while giving me the freedom of having more of my time to myself again?

A site that would teach in a way that would get musicians REAL results that people could notice.

     - Even if they didn’t know a lot of chords. 

     - Even if they don't have a lot of time to practice

     - Or they just want to keep going to the next level in their playing

I wanted to give them a proven blueprint they could follow to guarantee their success

(if they stick to it)

And that’s why I created the...
The "Gospel University" is unlike any other gospel training resource in a few ways.

First - You'll be taught by Berklee College of Music teachers & alumni, as well as other "high-level"  music industry professionals.

Second - As a member you'll get a specific practice plan based on what your specific goals are:

   - If you want to play better sounding chords. There's a plan for that

   - If you want to get more solid & seasoned on the organ. There's a plan for that

   - Want to get better at backing up a preacher? There's a plan for that

   - What about Talk Music? There's a plan for that too

And if by some rare chance there's something we don't cover, you can shoot us a suggestion email. 

Plus, we keep updating the Gospel University database with new content every week.
So what is The 
"Gospel University"?
The "Gospel University" is an online gospel music academy designed specifically to help musicians that feel "stuck" in their playing finally break FREE and start playing the with the confidence, creativity, and freedom of expression they want.

And the great thing is it DOESN'T have to take you a long time.

Most members who join see results in as soon as 7 days! And if you stick with it for 60 days you can make huge transformations that people WILL notice.

But Gospel University isn't just for "external" transformations...

But the "internal" transformations you'll make as a result of being a Gospel University student are where the real benefits lie.

Things like:

   * Feeling no more nervousness & insecurity around musicians.

   * Actually KNOWING what your playing & why you're playing it.

   * Getting respect & validation from highly skilled musicians in your area

   * Knowing that you can handle ANYTHING thrown at you in a church service
Inside Gospel U Academy You'll Have Access To A Library of Gospel Trainings Covering Every Topic Imaginable
The Easy Way To Learn "Pro Level" Chord Progressions To Use In Songs & Talk Music

Every month you'll receive new chord progressions transcribed from top musicians like Cory Henry, Mike Bereal, Dennis Montgomery III, Jason Tyson & more... 

(Works in conjunction with Create Crazy Gospel Chords)
* Receive NEW jaw-dropping chord progression added to your Gospel University account every single month.

* Get detailed breakdowns of each move, note for note & chord for chord

* Learn the specific ways to approach each chord progression on piano & hammond organ

* You'll be shown how to use every idea in the context of a song, talk music, preacher chords and more...

* The perfect way to learn NEW ideas consistently every month.

* Build your idea library, NEVER run out of things to play :)
Focus: Build Your Music Foundation & Chord Library

At the end of this training you will understand the mindset of gospel pros, and know how to play advanced, "crazy" chords in ANY song, on the spot. Even if you don't any music theory yet.

* Learn how to add spicy contemporary chords to ANY song is less than 10 minutes (Musicians like Cory Henry & Mike Bereal use this easy technique)

* The #1 Secret to expand your chord vocabulary FAST17 out of 18 musicians sound “mediocre & basic” when they play. And that’s good news. It means 1 out of 18 musicians play like a beast! And I’ll show you how to be the exception.
* Practicing for hours is the best way to improve, right? WRONG! I’ll explain why this actually makes your playing worse. And I’ll show you this “Navy Seal Inspired” 60 minute Practice Plan to use instead.

* What to do FIRST if “they” start singing in a key you can’t play in. (And NO, it’s not forcing them to move up or down a ½ step). This one trick instantly makes you sound like a pro when you use it.

* The quickest way to learn a song you’ve NEVER heard before on the spot

* The #1 self-hypnosis technique for unlocking more musical creativity from your brain

* The “shared notes” principle: a simple, yet little known way to create your own “signature sound” on the keyboard or organ.

* Struggling to figure out what chords someone is playing? Don’t worry, I’ve given you a complete list of the most common “go-to” moves pro gospel musicians play.

* The mindset shift that can do more for your playing than 3 years of practicing.

* WARNING: Avoid These 2 Popular “Gospel Tricks” Like The Plague! Ignoring this single warning could leave you stagnant in your playing forever! 
* If you’ve got 15 minutes a day, I can show you a simple, yet little known way to become more creative when you play. 

* Feel stuck playing the same chords over & over? In the Create Crazy Gospel Chords course I show you 2 things you can do to easily add new chords to your playing. (But be careful, overdoing these things can kill your musicality forever)

* The quickest way to play contemporary chords for “traditional” musicians older than 40

* Why playing left hand bass doesn’t work (and what to do about it) 

* The quickest way to play contemporary for musicians over their 40s 

Focus: Improve Playing Technique 

Make your playing more clean & accurate with these "gospel centric" practice drills.

This isn't your normal "major scales" stuff.

These are exercises that train your hands specifically for the moves the pro gospel musicians play.

Focus: Versatility On The Piano

Learn the specific techniques & crucial nuances of gospel piano styles, ranging from Traditional Gospel  to Contemporary Gospel.

* Sound AUTHENTIC Playing ANY gospel music style 

* The "real" reason why your playing sounds bland and boring. HINT: It has NOTHING to do with chords

* Left hand sounds thin? Learn how adding this ONE note, can give you a FULL sound instantly.

* What never to play in contemporary worship music (Ignoring this will make people view you as "one dimensional".

* The quickest way to develop versatility on the piano. (This one secret will make you more valuable to your church)

* The 3 things every gospel pianist MUST know to play any genre of gospel music. (I learned these techniques from gospel phenom Dennis Montgomery III himself)

* Being a versatile gospel player means you have to master an whole bunch of chords right? WRONG! Even though chords are important, if you're missing this crucial element, they're worthless. (In Module 1 Video 1 I show how to use this crucial element) 
Focus: Gospel Organ Mastery

This course will teach you how to gain smooth, soulful mastery of the Hammond Organ, and develop your versatility on the organ.
* Why thinking like a drummer is the secret to elite level organ playing.

* The little nuances on the keys and organ to get that smooth, silky type of sound. That make you sound different from average player 

* Does your organ playing sound stiff & rigid? Use this “drummer’s” technique to play smooth chord progressions

* Learn how to use the Organ Controls to make the organ “talk”

* Want to play those smooth “drops”, learn how to do that in the Gospel Organ Bootcamp course inside of Gospel University

Focus: Organ Drawbar Settings

This course will show you the "right" drawbar settings to use at different points in a Church service. Also applicable to other genres of music.
* Are you using 888888888 as your "go-to" preacher chords setting? DON'T! Use this "weird" drawbar setting instead (Preachers love it)

* The Drawbar Stack Technique: a simple, yet little known way to create the "perfect" organ sound.

* 9 out of 10 organists don't use this "sizzling" drawbar setting that'll make the organ TALK!

* Learn how to "shape" a song when you're playing an organ solo

* Why randomly experimenting with drawbar settings doesn't work. (I'll show you what to do instead)

* When to use the "black drawbars vs when to not use them — yes, there’s a time and place for each. 

* Did you know that even top organists struggle with dialing in the right talk music organ sound? Luckily, I've found a way for myself to overcome it. Today, I use 3 'go-to' drawbar settings that make my talk music sound "silky smooth". I share them in Module 1.
Focus: Play Perfect Talk Music 

Become a master of playing the perfect music to trigger the emotions of people in the church service.

* Learn how to be sensitive to the  "spirit" in your piano & organ playing, so you can influence the emotional state of church members.

* What NEVER to play in your talk music (Making this “innocent” mistake got me fired from a church)

* The #1 self-hypnosis technique for unlocking more musical creativity from your brain

* 3 movie composer techniques that will make your talk music 100x more soul-stirring “These same techniques are taught at the prestigious Berklee College of Music)

* WARNING: Avoid These 2 Popular “Gospel Tricks” Like The Plague! Ignoring this single warning could leave you stagnant in your playing forever!
Focus: How To Back Up A Preacher

Learn the secrets to backing up preachers in a way that supports their sermon, and helps the "Word" go forth with more power.
* Learn what NOT to do, when backing up a preacher.

* WARNING: Avoid These 2 ignoring this single warning could get you kicked off the organ in the middle of service

* Not sure when to start backing you preacher up? When you know the 6 steps to a preachers sermon you'll flow seamlessly with them. (And they'll love you for it)

* Know the perfect time to play runs behind your preacher (Doing this wrong can throw them off!)

* The secret to using "contemporary chords" in your preacher chords. They work best when the preacher hits a certain pitch. (I explain this more in Module 2 Lesson 2)

* Learn how Cory Henry backs up a preacher step by step in Module 3 Lesson 1

* How to use organ effects to enhance your preacher chords. (I've personally seen these tricks "take the saints in" every time)
But That's Not All - You'll Also Learn...
* How to play the PERFECT shout music (If you miss this crucial step your shout music will always be mediocre)

* Learn how to direct choirs from your instrument

* The fundamentals of teaching choir parts

* How to deal with DIFFICULT church folks & politics

* The secret to getting a raise at your church

* and MUCH more...
That's not all you get when you become a member of Gospel University. There's 
LOT more inside...
Expanding Song LIBRARY
Apply what you've learned in our courses with our "always expanding" song library! 

Here's how the categories are split up:

   * Hymns of the Church - The foundation for ALL Gospel Musicians and the secret to playing "crazy chords" with ease.

   * Traditional Gospel (Pre 1980's) - Learn songs from artists like, Rev. James Cleveland, The Barrett Sisters, Shirley Caesar, Walter Hawking, Andrae Crouch and much more!

   * Contemporary Gospel (80's & 90's) - Here's we'll demonstrate songs from artists like Thomas Whitfield, The Clark Sisters, The Late Rev. Timothy Wright, Rev. James Moore, John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, just to name a few... 

   * Contemporary Gospel (2000's and up) - Artists like Anita Wilson, James Fortune, Jonathan Nelson, J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Israel Houghton, James Hall, Ricky Dillard & more.

   * Worship/CCM - Learn songs from artist like Hillsong, Planet Shakers, Jesus Culture, Ashmont Hill, Travis Greene

And the great thing is, each song will be recorded on both Piano & Organ!

Which is great because you have to approach songs differently on each instrument.

What if we don't have a song you want to learn? 

Just shoot us an email at: and we'll try to add it to the database.
You think I would just leave you to fend for yourself inside the Gospel University?

Heck no! Sometimes you need a little ongoing motivation.

Every month join our Gospel University instructors LIVE for Piano and Organ Trainings.

We also have special guests come on the show as well.
Get Feedback From Experts
Feel stuck on a song?

Can't figure out how to reharm something?

Have a question you need answered?

Gospel University Academy is the only place you get personalized feedback on your playing from our instructors!

Using our easy to use Video Submission system.

You can ask questions about chords, voicings, runs, church politics and more!
Here's A QUICK Sneak Peek Inside 
The Gospel University
So Let's Sum Everything Up...
Tuition for The "Gospel University" Online Gospel Music Academy is $47 per month.

However, there are NO refunds on subscriptions.

But, you can cancel any time (for any reason).

The truth is that the "Gospel University" isn't meant for everyone.

And honestly, the vast majority of "so called" musicians don't qualify to join.

For example...

Gospel University is NOT for people who can't dedicate at least 15-30 minutes a day to honing their craft. (It's all about WHAT you do with those 15 minutes) 

Don't worry I'll show you what to do :)

It's NOT for people who never implement anything they learn (but complain about information overload)... 

It's NOT for those who are on a tight budget (I would not recommend going into debt to subscribe to Gospel University)... 

And it's DEFINITELY NOT for musicians who think they can "shortcut" their way to being a high level musician overnight without putting in ANY effort.

If I described you above, the Gospel University isn't for you, and you should NOT waste your time subscribing.

You can use other "surface level" resources like YouTube and other Gospel DVD's, but you know what that'll give you...

 * More stress & overwhelm, not knowing what to do to get better.

 * More frustration with how your playing.

 * More disappointment, because you see little to no improvement in your playing...

There are two types of people: Doers & Dabblers.

The doers are attacking their music dreams with tenacity and passion, they are following the simple framework laid out inside the Gospel University. 

In fact, if you're not prepared to implement what you learn... or if you're just temporarily excited about the possibilities and are not ready to do the work to make those a reality in your life... then you should not subscribe.

***NOTE: If you plan on joining for one month JUST to "try things out" and then cancel after 30 days, you WON'T be allowed back in to the program in the future. 

(We have software that tracks this)

Like I said before, we don't like dabblers :)

This is for passionate gospel musicians only.

Are YOU one of them?

Now it's time to choose if you want in or not.

Click the Add to Cart button below to give The Gospel University a shot.

You'll get access to the membership site immediately and you can start learning today!

Click the button to get started:
I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Gospel University - Online Gospel Music Academy is $47 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email, phone number or address at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: You must agree to the subscription terms by checking the box above in order to continue your order.

See you on the "other side",

- Vaughn Brathwaite
Here are Some Success stories of 
students who Are "Gospel University" Members
Are there any physical items or DVD's that come with the Gospel University?

No. The Gospel University is an 100% Online Gospel Music Academy

Do you accept PayPal?


How often are the Gospel U Academy trainings?

Trainings are held every month.

Why don't you do a trial like ____?

Because in our experience that attracts the wrong kind of people our instructors don't want to work with. The fact is inside the gospel musician community there are some great people that we LOVE to work with. They're committed and they get results. Their passion for playing comes through in everything they do. Those are the people who are currently members of Gospel University.

But then there are those "freebie seekers", pain-in-the-butt type of people. These type of people we have no tolerance for, because they waste time, make excuses and are not willing to put in the work.

If you're already looking for a way out before you even begin, that means you really aren't committed to your music goals. And we don't want people who aren't fully persuaded to join The Gospel University.

Can I access the Gospel University materials at anytime?

Yes. As a Gospel University member you have 24/7 access to the platform on ANY device.
Is Gospel University For Me?
If you're tired of being at your current level, or tired of being mistreated & made fun of by church people and other musicians because you don't play good enough, and you want to finally become a great musician - The Gospel University is for you.

If you're a musician that's frustrated with their playing and you want to FINALLY take it to the next level - The Gospel University is for you.

If you've tried to improve in the past using "other" methods, but you have NO results to show for all the time you put in? The Gospel University is for you because our trainings get people results.

Take a look at some stories below:
I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Gospel University - Online Gospel Music Academy is $47 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email, phone number or address at the bottom of this page.

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